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"by pen and gun" "by word and bullet"  "by tongue and teeth "

Almost fifty years ago all aspiring Latin American revolutionaries, insurrectionists, communist urban guerrillas had as required reading the "Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla" by Carlos Marighella.

A how-to book instructive at the basic level.

"How to" instruction regarding the bread-and-butter aspect of the urban guerrilla/terrorist/revolutionary/insurrectionist to include but hardly limited to: executions, kidnapping, sabotage, terrorism, propaganda, security, assaults, bank robbery.

That modern form of the "minimanual" directed at the ISLAMIIC JIHADIST! Theoretical and practical texts justifying the use or terrorism as a means of waging war and the "how to" nuts-and-bolts aspects of guerrilla/insurrectionist/terrorist warfare.

Thanks to Vlad for the tip in this case.

1. "The Manchester Manual. The Al Qaeda Manual"

"The Al Qaeda Handbook is a computer file found by Manchester (England) Metropolitan Police during a search of the Manchester home of Anas al-Liby in 2000. A translation has been provided by the American Federal Bureau of Investigation. Officials state that the document is a manual for how to wage war, and according to the American military, was written by Osama bin Laden's extremist group, Al Qaeda."

See a complete PDF document the Handbook as written.

"The attached manual was located by the Manchester (England) Metropolitan Police during a search of an al Qaeda member's home. The manual was found in a computer file described as the 'the military series' related to the 'Declaration of Jihad' The manual was translated into English and was introduced earlier this year at the embassy bombing trail in New York."

2. "Revolutionary Islam"

"Revolutionary Islam (French L'islam révolutionnaire) . . .  is a book written by international revolutionary Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, also known as Carlos the Jackal, under the direction of Jean-Michel Vernochet. It was published in 2003"

3. "Peripheral Warfare and Revolutionary Islam: Origins, Rules and Ethics of Asymmetrical Warfare"

By Jorge Verstrynge


"Origenes, reglas y etica de la guerra asimetrica."

Finally, regarding the word "terrorism" and as enunciated by Carlos Marighella himself:

"The accusation of 'violence' or 'terrorism' no longer has the negative meaning it used to have. It has acquired new clothing; a new color. It does not divide, it does not discredit; on the contrary, it represents a center of attraction. Today, to be 'violent' or a 'terrorist' is a quality that ennobles any honorable person, because it is an act worthy of a revolutionary engaged in armed struggle" - - Carlos Marighella - - 1969.


Thursday, June 22, 2017


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 "E Fluctibus irruit in hostem"

"Out of the waves and he fell upon the enemy"

More regarding the modern Italian naval command units and their equipment: Thanks to the Internet web site.

"Comando Raggruppamento Subacquei e Incursori Teseo Tesei"

"COMSUBIN is the elite commando frogman force and one of the Italian special forces. Italy was the first nation to use frogmen and human torpedoes."

Further with regard to Italian submersible boat technology we have "Cos.Mo.S 'Nessie' Fast SDV"

"During World War Two Italy led the world in many aspects of naval Special Forces capabilities, most notably in wet submersibles and combat swimmers. Although frogmen from the famous Decima-MAS [X] unit served on both sides after the Italian Armistice, Italy’s naval Special Forces capabilities were officially extinguished at the end of the war. They were however kept alive in secret (an open secret among Western Special Forces perhaps). In the 1950s Italy rekindled it strategically important waterborne Special Forces capabilities including its SDVs. The Italian Navy craft were kept a VERY closely guarded secret and have only become known quite recently . . . Part of keeping them secret was that the company that built them did not openly advertise the fact. They were only exported to Israel and South Africa."


"before the Second World War Italy's technology was at an incredibly high level . . . achievements, especially in the sphere of aviation, submarines and high-speed launches, were really amazing . . . the Italians were the unrecognized geniuses of military and naval technology." - - Suvorov. [GRU = Soviet/Russian military intelligence.]

Again, that tradition of excellence apparently continues!



This is coolbert:

 "E Fluctibus irruit in hostem"

"Out of the waves and he fell upon the enemy"

From the Internet web site "COVERT SHORES" and article the topic of which is submersible boats as used during naval commando missions. Thanks to the Internet web site.

"Exclusive - Secret Submarine-Boat revealed"

"Italy is renowned for sleek and stylish speed boats. And acknowledged as a pioneer and world leader in underwater Special Forces technology. So it should come as no surprise that the elite Special Forces, COMSUBIN, operate some of the most powerful and impressive submersible boats in the world. But it will, because it is also one of the Special Forces community’s best kept secrets."

The Italian navy prior to and during the Second World War [WW2] innovators in the area of naval commando operations as that term understood today.

First free-divers, then snorkel, then SCUBA, then Swimmer-Delivery-Vehicles [SDV] and midget submarines. Unconventional naval warfare, asymmetric, a combat multiplier of great value.


"There may be some people who underestimate Italy as a country of great thinker, but not the GRU. The GRU know that the Italians have very good brains, the brains of great inventors. Few people realize that before the Second World War Italy's technology was at an incredibly high level . . . achievements, especially in the sphere of aviation, submarines and high-speed launches, were really amazing . . . the Italians were the unrecognized geniuses of military and naval technology." - - Suvorov. [GRU = Soviet/Russian military intelligence.]

That tradition of naval commando warfare technology as pioneered by the Italian evidently continues.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lauzun’s Legion.

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Before there was a French Foreign Legion there was Lauzun's Legions!

Armand-Louis de Gontaut Biron, duc de Lauzun [Duke].

Never heard of this before. Thanks to the Mad Monarchist Internet web site and as extracted from same.

"The Duc de Lauzun, a Life Lesson"

"In the aftermath of the disastrous French and Indian War (Seven Years’ War for Europeans), the French military was reformed in a major way."

To include units comprised of foreign nationals not Frenchmen. Military forces their mission what would be termed overseas duty!!

"A group of eight new units were created, known as legions, of Volontaires étranger de la Marine for overseas service. These units were made up of Poles, Germans, Hungarians and exiles from Ireland and were combined arms formations with each having two fusilier, one grenadier and one chasseur companies as well as artillery and cavalry (hussars) in their own independent companies. The idea was to have units that could move quickly, pack a punch and be able to respond to any given situation with their own infantry, cavalry and artillery components"

Units and troops described their battlefield function depending on the historical context but generally defined as:

* fusilier =  line infantry,  * grenadier =  elite assault troops, * chasseur =  light infantry, *  hussars =  light cavalry.

The Duc his fate most terrible. A valiant military commander and a supporter of the French Revolution himself sent eventually to the guillotine.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Italy WW2.

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Back to a topic that makes for interesting blog entries. The Italian military and their combat expertise [usually seen as a lack of] during the Second World War [WW2].

As seen at the outstanding Internet web site the Mad Monarchist a rather more full, complete and truthful analysis. To begin and as extracted from the Mad Monarchist:

"The Truth About the Italian War Record [WW2]"

"None of the major participants of World War II have suffered as much unjust and unfounded criticism as the military forces of the Kingdom of Italy. It really is just amazing how this false narrative has taken hold and grown ever stronger and more prevalent over time. According to most mainstream and popular histories, the royal Italian military and the overall part played by the Kingdom of Italy in World War II was totally inconsequential. In a way not seen with any other people, the Italian military is widely dismissed as a comic opera operation with cowardly troops, ignorant commanders and useless weapons totally dependent on their German allies for their very survival."

Read it all! I recommend highly the Mad Monarchist Internet web site without qualification or reservation.

Italian royalty it cannot be said shirked or abandoned their military duty. Rather the opposite. Prince Amedo displaying a degree of command presence admirable. Prince Borghese too in a league almost by himself, the commander of the famed Decima Mas [X].

“I offer neither pay, nor quarters, nor food; I offer only hunger, thirst, forced marches, battles, and death. Let him who loves his country with his heart, and not merely with his lips, follow me.” – Giuseppe Garibaldi


Monday, June 19, 2017

Baltic Strip.

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NATO having acknowledged a potential threat to Poland and mandating a response?

Shipping of whatever sort moving to and fro the Vistula/Baltic only able to do so passing THROUGH Russian territory.

A perceived problem and possible solution as ridiculed by the Russian.

  1. "NATO Compels Poland to Plow Ahead With Pointless Canal"

From the article in Sputnik by Konstantin Chalabov.

"Polish MPs have voted in favor of a controversial proposal to build a canal across the Baltic (Vistula) Strip to allow the country’s ships to enter the port of Elblag without crossing Russian territorial waters. However, the project is mainly believed to serve NATO’s interests."

2. "Poland Eyes Canal Construction to Evade Russian Waters"

"Polish authorities have revived plans to build a canal in order to connect the Baltic Sea with the Vistula Lagoon and, thus, bypass Russia’s stretch of coastline

During a time of war or crisis NATO and Polish naval and merchant vessels being potentially denied passage through the existing canal. This is a matter of importance to NATO military planners?

All this is about Admiralty Law and what is called Innocent Passage? Denial of Innocent Passage might be construed as an Act of War for which a NATO reaction will be obligatory?


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Henry Reeve.

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Yet one more instance of the White Messiah.

The entire topic of the White Messiah a popular item for previous blog entries.

That White Messiah an American or European, a man often with military experience, a charismatic figure of marked ability engaging in a foreign insurrection on the side of the rebels.

The White Messiah a man who can organize, train, plan, lead into battle and ultimate victory the forces of the insurgency. The local despot put to rout and flight.

Historical examples of the White Messiah to include T.E. Lawrence, Orde Wingate, Brooke Raja of Sarawak, Frederick Townsend Ward, Homer Lea.

Add to that list the person of Henry Reeve. Hero of the First Cuban War of Independence from Spanish colonial rule.

Never heard of this man before. His exploits evidently still remembered in Cuba to this very day and with fondness!! EVEN FIDEL CASTRO APPROVED OF THIS YANQUI!

"Henry Reeve . . . was a Brigadier General in Cuba's 'Ejército Libertador' (Army of Liberation) - more commonly known as the 'Ejército Mambí' - during the First Cuban War of Independence (Ten Years' War) (1868-1878). In his early years, he was a drummer in the Union Army, during the American Civil War."

"He was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States on April 4, 1850 . . . and died in Matanzas, Cuba on August 4, 1876. Reeve was 26 years old at the time of his death, and had served in the Cuban Army for 7 years, having participated in over 400 engagements against the Spanish Army."

Reeve a commander of cavalry. That favorite tactic of the Cuban rebel the "machete charge" what it was called. A combined arms ambush, men-a-horse attacking first, forcing the Spanish army foot soldier to deploy in response, vulnerable formations then subjected to concerted ground attack

"the machete charge. [Cuban] Forces were taught to combine use of firearms with machetes, for a double attack against the Spanish. When the Spaniards . . . formed a square [in response to a cavalry attack], they were vulnerable to rifle fire from infantry under cover, and pistol and carbine fire from charging cavalry."

Constance Wu, consider this to be another history lesson!! And you are all the better for it too!