Sunday, October 22, 2017

Big Red.

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CONFIDENTIAL. At least until printed in Der Spiegel.

Thanks to the story as carried by German Voice [DW] and the tip from Jungle Trader.

Big Red moves west. That great fear of the Cold War era revived. NATO unable to defend against an attack by the Soviet/Warsaw Pact nations. The aggressor in this case Russia sans Warsaw Pact.

"NATO report casts doubt on ability to defend against Russian attack on eastern flank"

"A confidential NATO report has questioned the alliance's ability to defend against a Russian attack. Eastern European members of the alliance fear Russian aggression."

Defense in this instance in response to attack by Russian against those eastern-most constituent member nations of NATO. The Baltic countries, Poland, etc.

Sustainability of a defense and logistical problems seen as major concerns.

Think also the Suwalki Gap and entries regarding same as seen here and here!




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From Freeper the German Navy unable to put to sea A SINGLE SUBMARINE!

A problem it seems without amelioration!

"Germany's entire submarine fleet is now out of action"

"BERLIN (AP) — All of Germany's six submarines are out of action, and the country's defense minister isn't happy about it. The Kieler Nachrichten newspaper reports that four U-boats are being serviced in boatyards while two others are waiting for a berth. Asked how Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen views the temporary loss of the underwater fleet, her spokesman said Friday that 'this is obviously not a good situation.' Jens Flosdorff told reporters in Berlin that 'we would hope the mission readiness was higher, but sometimes with technology the devil is in the detail.'"

That "turn-around" time from when a boat enters the boatyard for servicing until ready for combat mission sometimes very long, years even. AND THE SERVICING PROCESS NOT CHEAP!

Germany during the period prior and during the Second World War able to produce over one-thousand U-Boats in all types and variations!!

OH, perhaps Chancellor Angela Merkel can persuade Donald Trump to detail a SINGLE American atomic submarine to patrol the Baltic. There you have a solution to the problem. OH YES!



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Project failed but project succeeded? Navaho!

Thanks in this instance to the outstanding Internet web site an item of interest as in an oblique manner the Navaho cruise missile. A 1950's era project long-range cruise missile cancelled portions of which nonetheless put to good use in an unanticipated manner..

As extracted: "Even quite competent engineers can be very unreliable"

Unforeseen and unexpected dividends from the Navaho project as applicable to the development of usable intercontinental ballistic missiles [ICBM's].

"The ICBM program suffered from a lack of support because the guidance problems were so severe that the rest of the program was not pushed . . . We would have been in an even worse position but, luckily, an entirely different program — the rocket booster for the Navaho cruise type missile — had been pushed so far that we could use it as a basis for the ICBM engine."

"This two-chambered, liquid-fuel rocket engine built by North American Aviation served as the booster for the Navaho missile that was powered by two ramjets. The booster was to quickly get the missile up to supersonic speed for its ramjets to operate."

Navaho booster rocket engines. Used to get the Navaho cruise missile up to speed so that the ramjets would ignite. Image courtesy the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

"Navaho had a 8,850 kilometer (5,500 mile) range. It never became operational and was canceled in 1957. However, its booster-rocket engine was extremely important in the evolution of American large-scale, liquid-fuel engines, including those for the Redstone, Jupiter, Thor, and Atlas missiles, the Saturn V launch vehicle, and the Space Shuttle. "

NOT only it would seem the booster rockets hardly alone as a developmental dividend of the cancelled Navaho cruise missile project. Thanks to the wiki:

"Although Navaho did not enter service, its development provided useful research in a number of fields. A version of the Navaho air frame powered by a single turbojet became the AGM-28 Hound Dog, which was carried towards its targets on the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress and then flew the rest of the way at about Mach 2. The guidance system was used to guide the first Polaris submarines."

Success from failure? You the devoted reader to the blog judge for yourself.


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Kirkuk V.

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 Herewith from the latest edition of the DEBKAfile news letter the topic Kirkuk and an Israeli appreciation/perspective:

1. "Iran-backed Iraqi ultimatum to Kurds to leave Kirkuk. First test for Trump's threat to Rev Guards"

14 October.

"Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar Al-Abadi Saturday night, Oct. 14, gave the Kurdish Peshmerga an ultimatum to surrender the positions in the Kirkuk oil region they have held since pushing ISIS out three years ago, and also cancel the Kurdish Republic's Sept. 25 independence vote."

2. "Iranian Guards Soleimani holds talks with Kurds"

15 October.

"Iran's Revolutionary Guards Al Qods chief Gen. Qassem Soleimani arrived in Irbil Sunday, stepping into the Kurdish disputes with Baghdad over Kirkuk and their Sept.25 independence referendum."

3. "Kurds say Iranian Guards in Iraqi military buildup against them"

15 October.

"We [Kurdish forces] have intelligence that the Iranian army and Revolutionary Guards are among the Iraqi army and Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Military Units) militia attacking us," said Shwan Shamerani, commander of the Peshmerga second brigade in Kirkuk Saturday. Kurdish commanders accused the Iraqi army of cooperating with 'foreign forces.'"

4. "Iran and Iraq go to war with the Kurds over Kirkuk. Rev Guards take part in defiance of US"

16 October.

"An Iranian-Iraqi war on the semi-autonomous . . . DEBKAfile's military and intelligence sources report that pro-Iranian Shiite militias were the spearhead of the operation, fighting under the direct command of Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Gen. Qassem Soleimani."

5. "Iraqi-Iranian forces take Kirkuk's oil field against zero Kurdish resistance"

16 October.

"Tehran chalked up a major victory Monday when Iraqi Shiite militias under the orders of the Revolutionary Guards' Qassem Soleimini, alongside the Iraqi army, delivered the Kirkuk oil center to Baghdad after a short operation. The Kurdish Peshmerga surprised by showing hardly any resistance after a group of their units deserted . . . In less than a day therefore, the Iraqi-Iranian force recaptured most of the oil fields around Kirkuk, which the Kurds had held for three years since the Iraqi army fled the advancing Islamic State and they stepped in to drive them out."

6. "US threatens to shoot down any Iraqi warplane targeting Kurds"

16 October.

"Iraqi and Kurdish sources reported Monday that the US had warned the Al-Abadi government against deploying the Iraqi air force against Kurdish targets in the fighting which erupted around the oil town of Kirkuk Monday. The US Air Force would shoot the Iraqi planes down, Baghdad was warned."

7. "Iran's Rev Guards set up command post and 5 bases in Kirkuk"

18 October.

"Military sources in Iraqi reported Wednesday that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) operational Al Qods arm had planted a command center and five bases in the Iraqi oil town of Kirkuk two days after driving the Kurds out"

8. "Russia's Rosneft takes control of main Kurdistan oil pipeline"

20 October.

"Rosneft's investment in the Kurdish oil pipeline is estimated as totaling about $1.8 billion. It was announced Thursday, four days after the Iraqi army and pro-Iranian militias captured the oil city of Kirkuk from Iraqi Kurdistan."



This whole story needs to play itself out and big time.


Kirkuk IV.

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Oil and Oil!!

Additional items of interest regarding the Kirkuk situation. Oil deposits known and possible vicinity Kirkuk the source of this discord?

1. "After Lightning Offensive, Kirkuk Is Now Fully Under Iraqi Military Control"

Iraq's military has effectively gained control of major assets and government buildings in Kirkuk city, and is now set to fully pacify it after overnight clashes at a moment when oil prices rose toward a six month high as the conflict now threatens output.

2. "Casualties Reported After Iraqi Troops Enter Oil Rich Kurdish City Of Kirkuk; Oil Spikes"

In a major escalation involving the disputed Iraqi Kurdish region, which last month declared independence following a referendum which was not recognized by any of its neighbors or Baghdad

3. "Barrels, ballots and ISIS: Why Iraq is taking back Kirkuk, and what the US will do about it"

Baghdad’s military incursion into Kurdish-controlled Kirkuk shows that the carve-up of the post-Islamic State landscape in the Middle East is in full swing, and leaves the US bemoaning its repeated failure to influence the region as two of its sponsored allies face off against each other.

4. "Iraqi Troops Capture Kirkuk Airport From Kurds - Statement"

Tensions between Baghdad and Kirkuk have further escalated following the Iraqi Kurdistan's independence referendum with Iraqi troops conducting an operation in the region.



Friday, October 20, 2017

Bernardo G.

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From the History.Net Internet web site herewith an aspect of the American Revolutionary War I was 100 % totally unfamiliar with. I recommend highly this article portions of which as extracted for your perusal to all devoted readers of the blog without qualification or reservation.

France as is well known aiding and abetting the cause of the American colonialists. Spain I was not aware also in league with the Thirteen Colonies in rebellion against the English..

1. "America’s Spanish Savior: Bernardo de Gálvez"

"The Spanish circumvented the British navy’s Eastern Seaboard blockade, using the Mississippi River to supply the colonial rebels. It was up to Gálvez to keep that line open"

"Over the next two years, Gálvez would lead thousands of Spanish soldiers and scores of ships against the British in what would prove to be the last combat theater of the Revolution. Enduring hurricanes, disease, and difficult, swampy terrain, he and his soldiers forced the British to divert scarce resources and played a little-known but crucial role in pressuring Great Britain to negotiate for peace after seven grueling years of war."

Click on image to see a larger view.

2. This also. Coalition forces rarely if ever fight well. That combat force as commanded by Galvez an exception to the rule perhaps unique??

"Gálvez had assembled a force of remarkable diversity for the 18th century. The initial troop of more than 600 men comprised 170 veteran soldiers, 330 recruits from Mexico and the Canary Islands, 60 militiamen and local citizens, 80 free blacks, and 7 American volunteers, including Oliver Pollock. Gálvez recruited another 600 men among Louisiana’s German and Acadian immigrants, and 160 Indians. The babel of languages can only be imagined: West African, German, Acadian French, probably Choctaw or Chickasaw, and the Castilian of the Mexicans, Cubans, and peninsular Spaniards, with the Irish lilt of the bilingual Pollock."

The motley crew if there ever was one but nonetheless effective. Mission as accomplished! Superior command leadership ability undoubtedly a major contributing factor.

"A motley crew is an informal expression for a roughly organized assembly of individuals of various backgrounds, appearance, and character. Typical examples of motley crews are pirates, college fraternities, Western posses, rag-tag mercenary bands, freedom fighters, and IT support teams."

No estas olvidado.


Oz & NK.

This coolbert:

* “'Should Australia continue to follow the US in imposing military, economic and diplomatic pressure upon the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] despite our repeated warnings, they will not be able to avoid a disaster,'” * “'frantic engagement' . . .  'hostile' . . . 'zealously joining frenzied political and military provocations of the US.'” * “'preparing for a war on the Korean Peninsula,' . . .  'reckless remarks and conducts' . . . 'military option.'” * “'allowing themselves to be exploited by Trump's selfish 'America First Policy' at the cost of their own national interests.'”

Australians beware! You have once more been warned! Kim has spoken! Take heed!

Oz = Australia. NK = North Korea.

Thanks to the Russian Times [RT]  Internet web site as reported dire threats and warnings from Comrade Kim as directed toward the Australian nation.

"N. Korea threatens Australia with ‘disaster’ for engagement in US ‘war preparations’"

More than anything else, concentrate on those threats and doggerel of the Pyongyang propagandists!

As has been the topic of a previous blog entry Australian already and has been for some time and continues to be an integral and vital contributor to the United Nations military effort on the Korean peninsula. It is not even a debatable issue.

Yankee imperialist warmonger lackey stooge paid assassin of the Wall Street capitalist big bosses!! The communists have always had and still have a way with the words!!